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Measure - Monitor - Modify - Repeat

Holly Coles

April 29, 2020.

The quality of your life is defined by the quality of your health; and the quality of your health relies largely on the quality of what goes into and onto your body. Therefore, the 3 most important things to know about your health to improve your life involve the food, water and air that you consume on a daily basis. To determine the quality of these factors you must be able to measure them as you consume them and monitor them over time.

The power of measurement in health science cannot be denied - for very good reason you are encouraged to measure the amount of fat you eat in a meal, the amount of calories you burn in the gym, the rate your heartbeats in a workout, the amount of hours you sleep in a night, and so on.

Measuring is a single act that quantifies a process you go through and gives you an amount - speed, length, temperature, etc. Monitoring is an observation of those measurements over time that allows you to detect patterns and habits - in this case of health, the factors and behaviors that are hurting or helping your health. With this information you then can then take steps, or seek advice, to help you address the causes of your health concerns. Modifying is changing your environment or your choices (whichever is in your control) so you can eradicate a problem or create a positive effect.

While there are many ways to measure the quality & nutrition of your food, and there are increasing options for monitoring household water safety & purity, until recently, there have been very few way options available for you to measure your immediate environment (indoor and outdoor). Yet it is of critical importance that you are also aware of the health-risks you face from the air that you take into your body everyday though your skin and your breath. The only way to determine the potential affects of the air quality on your body and mind is to constantly monitor it, starting with measuring for the type, amount and frequency of common pollutants and toxins.

Broad measurements like the AQI (Air Quality Index) of a city are useful indicators for the overall environment of a region but this does give you information you need to identify your personal exposure and take the steps possible to reduce the amount of pollution in your direct environment and avoid toxic build-up in your body. Fortunately, health technology is getting smarter and encouraging individuals to do the same by providing you with the tools you need to measure all aspects of your lifestyle and monitor your health markers without complicated machines or expensive consultations. Through apps and wearable devices, technology now offers you quality control and quality of life. Now more than ever before, you have the ability to literally take health matters into your own hands and take the steps necessary to maintain the highest level of health for you and your family.

Onigiri™ is the latest innovation in health technology that enables you to measure your surroundings daily, assess possible cause & effect, and get you expert advice on how what you can modify your environment or lifestyle. This knowledge is the most powerful tool you have for better health now and quality of life for your future.

You now know how to take charge of the most fundamental unit of life - air.

So make these 3 ‘M’s your new health habit:

Measure - Monitor - Modify

And Repeat.


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